Chasing Vermeer


  Calder and Petra are two ordinary kids living in Chicago. But when a priceless Vermeer painting is stolen, a mystery unravels around the two kids, they begin to notice strange coincidences that will bring the two together. As their friendship grows, Petra and Calder solve and international mystery! This cryptic puzzle is the "DaVinci Code for kids".

Septimus Heap


  If you loved Harry Potter, Septimus Heap is the series for you. The first book is called Magyk and the other two are  Flyte and Physik. Septimus Heap, the seventh son of a seventh son, is supposedly dead. His parents adopted a baby girl in place of Septimus but when Necromancer Domdaniel gains power things start to change. Is Septimus Heap really dead? If not, where is he and where has he been all this time. These questions and more are answered in the enthralling story of Septimus Heap.

 The Princess Academy


  Miri lives on Mt. Eskel, in a villiage full of quarry workers. Miri's father won't let Miri work in the quarries, but that is the very thing that Miri wants to do. Meanwhile, the lowland prince is looking for a wife. The girls on Mt. Eskel must attend a Princess Academy to learn how to be young ladies. Will they ever become proper and lady like for the prince. 



  Winnie has just turned eleven and so far the year is going great. But her best friend Amanda, seems to like Gail better than Winnie. The unimaginable happens when Amanda and Winnie "grow apart". Lauren Myracle portrays the age eleven and sixth grade with extreme preciseness and creates a great novel for girls in or going into sixth grade.

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