Percy Jackson and the Olympians


  Percy Jackson has just discovered that he is a half blood (demi-god). That would explain the monsters that he has been running into recently. This is a hilarious series for kids that love Greek mythology and fantasy.




 The Frog Princess


  Princess Emma is not your typical princess. She would prefer to spend her time in the swamp and her laugh sounds like a donkey braying. When Emma kisses a frog prince and turns into a frog herself, things really change. This hilarious twist on the classic fairy tale is great for any girl who dreams of finding her prince.



 The Giver


  Jonas lives in a community where everything is perfect. There is no war or pain. When Jonas is chosen to recieve memories from a mysterious past, he realizes that there might be something else. This thriller will keep you glued to the pages.

 Harry Potter


  Every kid should read this classic in the making! J.K. Rowling captured readers hearts with these books and they are appropriate from 4th grade and up. These books are real page turners and have been favorites from the start!

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