The Sisters Grimm

Sabrina and Daphne Grimm had always thought that fairy tales were for little kids. Until their parents are kidnapped and they go to live with a mysterious grandmother who tells them that they are the last decendents of the famous fairy tale writers, the Brothers Grimm. Will Sabrina and Daphne be able to find their parents and befriend the Everafters?

Once Upon A Marigold 

Princess Marigold has always been lonely. Christian has always felt that there's more to life than his foster father Ed and his dogs. What will happen when Marigold and Christian's lives intertwine to create one amazing fairy tale?

 My Most Excellent  Year

T.C. Keller, Augie Hwong, and Alejandra Perez are assigned a school project in which they are required to write about their "Most Excellent Year." At first, the assignment is just that; an assignment but soon it turns into something much more. T.C.'s mom died years ago but he still isn't over the fact that he'll never see her again. As the director of the school talent show, Augie is having authority troubles of his own. Little does he know that these are the least of his worries. And then there's Alejandra who T.C. has  a huge crush on. What will happen between these three best friends? Find out in "My Most Excellent Year."


 The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen lives  in a world where the government controls  people by fear. Every year, two children from each city district are forced to compete in the Hunger Games. The games is a fight to the death and there can only be one survivor. When Katniss is chosen for the games, she has to face a choice  between her own death and the death of an ally and friend. 

 The Red Pyramid

Siblings Carter and Sadie Kane have been separated ever since their mom died six years ago. Carter travels the world with his dad, studying Egyptology and the myths of ancient Egypt. Sadie lives with her grandparents and only gets to see Carter and their dad twice a year. This all changes when their dad mysteriously disappears and Sadie and Carter develop some magical powers. It's up to them to save the world in a battle agains the gods of Egypt!

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