My Latest Literary Discovery: Jaclyn Moriarty

So one of the last books I read was called The Spell Book of Listen Taylor and I really reccommend it. It’s written by Jaclyn Moriarty and it turns out, she’s written a bunch of other books too. I’ve read two of them: The Year of Secret Assignments and The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie. There are a lot of interesting things about Jaclyn Moriarty’s writing.

  1. All of the books take place in Australia. I only think this is cool because I live in the U.S. but still, there are references that make it Australian and interesting.
  2. The format that she writes in is not the same as other writers. She incorporates lots of letters and documents into her novels. The Year of Secret Assignments was about pen pals so it was in letters and diaries and I’m pretty sure that if I remember correctly, The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie was written kind of like a diary.
  3. In her books, you often don’t know exactly what’s going on until the end. But in a good way. Like you’ll know that there’s a Zing Family Secret but you won’t find out what it is until three quarters of the way through the book.
  4. She’s good at writing romance, magic, and suspense. Her books have a little bit of all of it.
  5. Her writing is far from predictable. There are always a few things that you see coming, just like in any book, but the end is always a little bit shocking.

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